Modern Educational Animation

Today, different forms of animation can be found in many education programmes, especially those targeted at younger viewers. Sometimes the animation is used to create appealing characters. Other times it is utilised more broadly for pacing purposes or to communicate important information in visual forms.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is about a family who happen to be pigs. It is aimed at toddlers and teaches them about things they can expect to experience as they grow up. The storylines and language used are very simplistic, so young viewers can understand the show. The animation is also fairly minimal. The characters often stand around statically while they speak dialogue.

Art Attack

Art Attack has a relatively simple premise. The presenter creates works of art that can be easily made with household items. He shows viewers the process so that they can follow along with him. Stop motion animation is often used to speed up the pace of the show. Several animated characters make sporadic appearances. On occasion, Art Attack even teaches how to make animated films.

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories is based on the bestselling book series. It explores many different eras of history and tells the viewer exciting facts. Since the target audience is young school pupils, it uses a mixture of live-action and animation. Generic historical characters appear in each episode in cartoon form. They will either state a fact about ancient life or present a quiz to the viewer.


This BBC television programme is designed to present current events to young viewers. It has a similar format to adult-oriented news shows. Animated graphics are used for each individual story segment. Sometimes if complex information needs to be communicated, it is done through animated graphs and charts. This is because young people often learn faster with visual aids.