Pixar Animations

In recent years, Pixar has undoubtedly become a household name when it comes to animated films. This is due to two key elements. The first is cutting edge 3D modelling software. It makes the characters in Pixar stories appear more realistic than in 2D. The second element is excellent storytelling. Pixar has been lauded for the quality of its scripts. The stories and characters are often emotionally resonant and memorable. Several Pixar films excel at merging great looking graphics with compelling narratives.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo used animation to create a stunningly realistic depiction of the ocean. The main characters are all sea creatures with human personalities. At the heart of the story is a clownfish searching for his son, who has been taken by humans. Finding Nemo was critically acclaimed and won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. It also led to a surge in marine biology interest with young viewers.


Wall-E managed to tell a story with very minimal dialogue. It was told through the movements of the characters who were animated. The film is about a robot who spends its days collecting trash in a post-apocalyptic world. When another robot lands on the planet, a romance between the two machines begins to blossom. Pixar’s ability to show their budding relationship without the use of words or even human body language was celebrated by critics.

Inside Out

This film explores the psychology of a young girl. The story takes place inside her mind, with each of her emotions represented by a character. These emotions have their own colours. For example, Anger is red and Sadness is blue. In contrast to many earlier Pixar movies, Inside Out focused much more on human characters. It was ambitious to set the bulk of the narrative in a metaphorical environment.