Animation might seem like a relatively new art form for some people. However, it has been around since the early part of the 20th century. Over the decades it has evolved, and its applications have expanded. Animation can now be used to create story websites and video games, as well as aid businesses.

Content on This Site

The various topics surrounding animation have been split into different articles. One of them looks at why computers are now frequently used when creating cartoons. Another explains how education websites could utilise animation in different ways.

One section of the site lists some of the best examples of children’s educational programmes that have animation in them. This includes both classic and modern shows.

Business owners will appreciate one particular article which will tell them how they can get the most out of animation. This will help them to grow their brand and expand their company.

Famous animation studios such as Disney and Pixar are also discussed. The site takes a look at acclaimed films including Finding Nemo, Mary Poppins and Inside Out. It explains the ways that storylines are given life thanks to animation techniques.

How to Read the Content

There should hopefully be something for everyone on this site. The different articles give plenty of variety. Readers could go through each one until they find a piece that appeals to them most. Alternatively, readers may want to read all of them. Doing so is recommended as it will broaden the knowledge of the reader.